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SINCE 1946
Yamato Kouso Co., Ltd.Corporate History
  • 1946/4
    Mr. Yamato Kunio, the company’s first president, established the “Yamato Kouso Popular Community,” the first enzyme manufacturing company in Japan, producing and marketing enzyme drinks to help improve the health of the Japanese people.
  • 1955/8
    Established the “Yamato Kouso Co., Ltd.” to meet growing business demand.
  • 1975/4
    Established the “Yamato Kouso Sale Co., Ltd.” in Shinagawa, Tokyo to build up sales channels.
  • 1975/6
    Established the “Omachi Factory” to meet market demands, specializing in the manufacturing of enzyme products.
  • 1976/4
    Mr. Yano Akira takes over as the second president.
  • 1978/4
    Established factory located in Takatuski-cho, Senboku-Gu, Osaka Prefecture, to support business expansion as well as growth in enzyme cosmetic products and pharmaceutics.
  • 1979/9
    To cope with growing productivity and the demand for expanded business, new plants were established for the company.
  • 1985/9
    To cope with on-going productivity and the demand for expanded business, more new plants were founded for the company.
  • 1991/4
    Exports of series products to Taiwan began, followed by exports to Korea, U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore among other countries in the following years.
  • 1999/3
    To meet the growing demand for food enzymes, food enzyme specialized factories were established.
  • 2013/5
    “Eco-Action 21” certification granted by the Environmental Management System.
  • 2013/11
    To meet both local and international demands, a new factory has been founded in Osaka-fu izumikita-gun Tadaoka-cyou.
  • 2014/7
    Mr. Yano Taisuke takes over as the third president.
  • 2014/12
    The new plant in Osaka Tadaoka is granted the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification.

As a pioneer in the enzyme industry, Yamato Kouso has been developing and promoting enzyme products for nearly hundred year, helping to improve the health of not only the Japanese people, but for people around the world. Over the years, Yamato Kouso has won the support of many users. Besides enzyme original liquid products, Yamato Kouso also manufactures lactic acid bacteria, enzyme preparation, enzyme cosmetics, enzyme bath agents, etc., in addition to more than 150 other related products. In Japan, there are over 2,000 pharmacies, beauty salons, and department stores selling these products. As for the sales network in other countries, Taiwan is the first to market product series, while a large volume has already been exported to China, Singapore, U.S., Europe, and Korea. Continued research and development of enzyme products is the Company’s greatest aspiration. Yamato Kouso will continue to be dedicated toward improving the health of mankind.

Centennial Japanese Traditional Fermentation
over 100 YEAR 百年傳承

Yamato Enzyme has come firmly adhered to the traditional making.

After the complete process of thorough fermentation of some 70 raw materials, essence is extracted as the legendary technology suggests. Thanks to the lengthy experience, appropriate environment and timing, ancient cypress barrels are used for fermentation based on aspergillus, lactobacillus and yeast; we have been carefully operating the process before obtaining the enriched and optimal yeasts and other helpful elements. After successful fermentation, aging in low temperature in the low-temperature barrel at 5 meters underground follows for between 2 months and 1 year.

The preservative-and-quality-stabilizer-free making that, despite of lower productivity, the new system assures no harm to key nutrients that would jeopardize microbes from normal operations and, eventually reduce efficiency of enzyme, reason why Yamato Enzyme has come using its unique technology for the sake of quality assurance to its users.

Meaning of Yamato Enzyme’s Corporate Logo

Do you see the Yamato Enzyme’s corporate logo?

Mr. Yamato Kunio, founder of Yamato Enzyme, had Yamato Kouso Popular Community established in 1946 with the purpose of improving the health of the Japanese population. To make the business sustainable, the corporate logo consisting of 6 calabashes- 6 ladles, for its similar pronunciation to illness-free in Japanese. Each ladle representing one of the 5 organs – heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys as well as the body stands for the role of guarding the health of each and every user of Yamato Enzyme. After 6 decades, the corporate logo remains faithfully exhibiting the ongoing endeavor of the business, which is committed to delivering premium products to all Yamato Enzyme users.

Taiwan Yamato Enzyme Co., Ltd.

In light of peoples’ growing awareness toward physical health, the “Chin-Yeh Group” established the “Yamato Enzyme Co., Ltd.” in Taiwan during April 1991, as an agent to market Yamato Kouso product series within the Asia Pacific region: “Yamato Kouso Co., Ltd.” enzyme product series include: “Enzyme Original Liquid Product Series,” “Enzyme Powder Product Series,” “Enzyme Shower Cleaning Supplies,” “Enzyme Beauty Maintenance Supplies,” etc. Yamato Enzyme Co., Ltd. believes in the concept of “sustainable operations,” with “market oriented,” “service marketing” and “corporate style” as its fundamental rules of doing business. The Company views “corporate responsibility” as well as “social duties” as the Company’s obligations. We hope that by bringing in Yamato Kouso product series and marketing it through sales channels such as islandwide Cosmeds and major chain drugstores, local pharmacies and drugstores located within department stores, organic specialty stores, beauty salons, and clinics, we can help raise people’s awareness towards correct health concepts and product usage.

Head Office

11F, No.8, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-2-2568-1818
Consumer Services: 0800-018-618

Kaohsiung Branch Office

Floor 2, No.145, Fuxing 3rd Rd., Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-7-338-2221

Shanghai Branch Office

Room B, Floor 2, Building 1, No.2, Lane 1245, Zhongshan West Road, Changning District, Shanghai
TEL: 86-21-6233-8599

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